Mattia Sistigu

Enrico Dal Monte

Marco Paolucci

Xtribe was born from an idea of Mattia Sistigu: how can we enable people to buy, sell, exchange, rent goods and services in the most simple, fast and convenient way?

The answer: use the geo-localization system featured on all smartphones so that a user can virtually carry at all times the items or services he wants to sell and therefore reach potential “buyers at zero miles”.

The idea is so engaging that it immediately ignites the interest and enthusiasm of two other friends: Enrico Dal Monte (who will become CEO of Xtribe) and Marco Paolucci (who will become the Project Manager).

So, the team creates Xtribe. The idea takes shape and the project immediately takes off and captures the interest of many partners, investors and associates.

What’s Xtribe?

t’s free app for Iphone and Android phones that geo-locates products and services offered by people and businesses around the user. It’s your personal e-commerce in the pocket and always handy. The innovation is the reporting in real time to the user of all the products and services available around him.

Simplicity: the app’s layout, the colors and everything else screams simplicity in every single aspect: from the registration to the search of products and services, from how to create an ad to the account management. It’s as simple as it can be.

Social: the true essence of Xtribe is meeting people. Moreover, the system ignites a series of engaging interactive actions available to users, such as feedback and reviews on sales, user metrics, social sharing of interests and products of interest, unlocking custom badges for the most active users.

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